11 Ways To Help Wildlife Survive The Summer

11 Ways To Help Wildlife Survive The Summer

Summertime is a critical time for wildlife. Here are eleven ways that you can help wildlife survive the summer:

1. Provide water. Birds, small mammals, and reptiles all need water to survive the summer heat. Put out a birdbath or small shallow dish of water in your yard and refill it daily.

2. Keep your cat indoors. Cats are one of the leading causes of death for birds and small mammals. By keeping your cat indoors, you can help reduce the number of wildlife deaths.

3. Don’t use pesticides. Pesticides can kill bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. If you must use pesticides, use them sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

4. Plant native plants. Native plants provide food and shelter for native wildlife. By planting native plants in your yard, you can help support the local wildlife population.

5. Leave fallen leaves and branches. Fallen leaves and branches provide homes for insects and other small creatures. By leaving them in your yard, you can help these creatures survive the summer.

6. Reduce your water usage. Wildlife needs water to survive, so by reducing your water usage, you can help conserve this vital resource.

7. Don’t mow your lawn too often. Mowing your lawn too often can destroy the homes of small creatures and reduce the amount of food available for them. If you must mow, do so sparingly.

8. Recycle. Recycling can help reduce the amount of waste in the environment. This can help reduce the amount of food and shelter available for wildlife.

9. Don’t litter. Litter can pollute the environment and make it difficult for wildlife to find food and shelter.

10. Be careful with fireworks. Fireworks can be dangerous to wildlife. If you must use them, do so sparingly and be sure to clean up any debris afterwards.

11. Educate others. Help spread the word about how important it is to help wildlife survive the summer. Tell your friends and family about these eleven ways they can help.

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